2023 Beauty Trends for Women Over 40

Try these out and be even more fab than you already are (if that’s even possible).
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated May, 2023
2023 Beauty Trends for Women Over 40

Whether you’re absolutely confused by TikTok or aspiring to be its next beauty star, exploring some of the bigger beauty and skincare trends that take center stage might be fun. It doesn’t matter what age you are. If you keep tabs on beauty and skincare, these trends will appear in 2023.

For women over 40, in 2023, beauty trends such as embellishments and glitter brows aren’t always relevant. However, you can still take advantage of some of the biggest beauty trends. That will show up in your feed this year.

The following are some of the top beauty trends to look out for in 2023!

Pops of Color in Your Eyeshadow

Pops of Color in Your Eyeshadow

It doesn’t have to take over your entire makeup look by being overly bold and dramatic. But a little pop of color adds a different feel to your makeup and can bring your entire look together. It is on the top of our list for 2023 beauty trends.

For this look, think brighter colors, but you don’t have to go neon—a bright blue, muted orange, or dusty pink can all work depending on what other hues you use in your makeup routine. You have a few ways you can apply your eyeshadow for that uber-cute color pop.

Try a pop of color in the inner corner of your eyes, or line your cut crease and add the color above or below the line. You can even try a small pop of color in the center of each eyelid. Play around with colors and styles and see what works best for you.

Brown Lipstick and Lipliner

Brown Lipstick and Lipliner

Anyone feeling a little nostalgic for the 90s? If so, you’re in luck—brown lipstick and lipliner are making a comeback as one of the top 2023 beauty trends. Yes, it’s the perfect trend for women over 40.

If you haven’t tried brown hues for your lips, you might be surprised. They help bring a warmth to your natural look that’s hard to get with other shades. And, if your skin’s undertone is already on the warm side, brown will likely fit right in with your natural look.

Choose a brown you feel good in, or if you need a little more guidance, use your skin tone. Fair to medium tones (with a cool skin undertone) will benefit best from those with browns with blue or pink undertones, while fair to medium skin tones with warmer undertones can look best in browns that have more of a red or orange undertone.

Dark skin tones with a cool undertone tend to look best in browns with a blue base or a rich, berry-colored tone. However, if you have a dark skin tone with a warmer undertone, try more of a red or pink base for your brown lip or even a more neutral color.

The Natural Makeup Look or Invisible Makeup

The Natural Makeup Look or Invisible Makeup

Bring out your natural hues and glow with a natural makeup look, also called invisible makeup.

While this trend has been around for a while, it continues to grow in popularity, and we expect it to be among the top 2023 beauty trends.

The secret to this look is to make your skincare products the focus of the outcome by having healthy, glowing skin to start with, then enhancing that look with colors and products that complement your skin tone and undertone.

For example, bronzer, tinted sunscreen, liquid blush, a lipstick that matches your skin undertone, and earth tones for your eyeshadow can all be part of this makeup look.

You can stick with more neutral hues or go with small, subtle amounts of color. Just remember that the idea is to keep your look natural and fresh. It shouldn’t look like you’re wearing a full face of makeup, but that your brows naturally look defined, your skin has a subtle flush of color, and your eyes are gracefully enhanced.

Straight Brows Continue to Trend

Straight Brows Continue to Trend

We’ve been seeing the straight brow trend for a while, but it continues to rise in 2023. Straight brows are so popular because they’re flattering on many different facial structures and complexions. They draw more attention to the eyes without making the eyebrow the focus of the whole face.

If you don’t naturally have straighter brows, don’t force it—remember that your brows should always enhance your natural beauty, not take away from it. A good straight brow naturally accentuates your eyes and helps your face look more relaxed yet structured.

For those who want to do a straight brow but don’t have experience doing it, don’t shy away from getting a professional to help shape your brows. This way, you can have the best brow shape for your particular facial structure, and go-to makeup looks.

Coquette Makeup for a Softer Look

Coquette Makeup for a Softer Look

Coquette makeup is one of the top 2023 beauty trends, and not just for Gen Z and younger Millennials. Women over 40 can get on board with this makeup look, which is simple, soft, yet stunning when done properly.

This look is defined by whimsical eyeliner, blush, and big lashes. Think pastels with a pink lip and some color on your cheeks. For this look, multi-purpose beauty products are perfect, such as a multi-use blush and lip color stick or highlighter.

Play around with this look and find the colors that work best with your complexion. While you don’t have to go with fake lashes, find a mascara that really makes your natural ones pop for this look, as they’ll be the center of the coquette style, framed by pastels and creamy eyeliner.

Take Our List With You When You Shop

Take Our List With You When You Shop

Are YOU trying out any of these 2023 beauty trends? It doesn’t matter what age you are—you are never too old to try something new. Before you head out shopping, download your free copy of our skincare ingredients to avoid list so you can stay away from potentially harmful products. You can make the best choices for your body and skin!


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