Is Glitter Eyeshadow Aging You? The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Mature Women

All that shines might be adding years.
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Jul, 2023
Is Glitter Eyeshadow Aging You? The Best Eyeshadow Palettes for Mature Women

Glitter eyeshadow is all the rage in 2023—AS IT SHOULD BE! When done properly, glitter takes your makeup to the next level while drawing attention to your eyes and giving your complexion a bit of a shimmer. What’s not to love about glitter? Glitter eyeshadow can be made you look older and you may have to know how to use it properly.

However, as with any makeup trend, there’s a flattering way to use it and ways that can make you look older. So is your glitter eyeshadow aging you? We have your top tips for how to use glitter eyeshadow here, as well as some of the best eyeshadow for older women.

The Different Kinds of Glitter Eyeshadow

Let’s dive into the different kinds of glitter eyeshadow that can make or break your look. 



Instead of a dramatic chunky glitter, shimmer is more of a subtle sparkle that allows you to draw attention to your eye without screaming “I’m wearing glitter!”. Shimmers also work well in highlighters that can be used on the browbone or cheekbones.


Metallic Eyeshadow

When you think metallic, think of metals like silver or gold. These aren’t glitter eyeshadows per se, but have more of a foil effect on the eyelid. They can also include some shimmer.

Chunky Glitter 

Chunky glitter can be a standalone glitter that you apply on top of your eyeshadow or to your face or be part of an eyeshadow palette that you can layer with neutrals and pigments to create the exact look you want.

So What’s Aging You?

When looking for tips on eyeshadow for mature women, there are a few things to avoid because they could make you look older than you really are.

You’re Going Too Dark

You’re Going Too Dark

Choosing a darker glitter hue—think dark blue, black, plum, or charcoal gray glitter can highlight wrinkles and make you look more aged, especially if you’re not using a neutral base coat. While you can play around with these colors, it might be worth going lighter altogether.

You’re Heavy on the Metallic

You’re Heavy on the Metallic

Metallic eyeshadows may look pretty on a magazine cover, but the truth is that while they have a unique shimmer, they can stick to creases, making eyes appear more wrinkled. Metallic is one finish you may want to skip altogether if you’re older.

You’re Using Too Much

You’re Using Too Much

Less is more when it comes to glitter, especially when you’ve over a certain age. Glitter is best used as a highlighting feature rather than being the focus of your makeup, so keep this in mind when playing around with palettes and looks.

You’re Not Using a Primer

You’re Not Using a Primer

Primer is especially important when it comes to eyeshadow for older women because it can help prevent creasing, which can highlight wrinkles. And if you have naturally oily skin, primer is even more important, so don’t skip this step when creating your perfect look.

How to Apply It Right

How to Apply It Right

There’s no denying it—glitter eyeshadow brings drama like no other makeup can. But what’s the best way to do it?

  • Use a primer 

To get the most out of your glitter eyeshadow, use a primer. This doesn’t have to be a primer per se, but it should be a base shadow that will help accentuate your glitter pigment. Stick to a neutral color for the base; then you can layer another shadow on top before your glitter or go right for the shine.

Pro tip: Go matte for your primer.

  • Look for timeless colors 

These include beige, brown, dusty pink, gold, and pearl shades, but choose whichever colors you are most drawn to and which look great on your skin tone and undertone.

Pro tip: Choose colors that match your skin tone and undertone.

  • If it’s your first time… 

Reach for softer, creamier formulas in palettes instead of loose glitter. It’ll be easier to apply and generally has a good finish that will flatter you on any age. Plus, these softer finishes can help fill out wrinkles and help the skin around the eyes appear more youthful.

Pro tip: Hydrate the skin around your eyes before starting, but avoid hydrating formulas with oil.

Our Top Picks to Consider

So what palettes should you consider when you’re looking for eyeshadow for older women? We’ve got a few considerations for you to get started.

  1. Morphe 9P Petal Passion Artistry Palette

Nine pink hues ranging from deep rose to light champagne give you shimmers and all-out glitter in this compact palette that will allow you to play with those pink shades that make you feel (and look) youthful so you’ll be looking pretty in pink.

2. Huda Beauty The New Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Full of those neutral bases you need for the ultimate glitter look, this palette contains 18 highly pigmented shades including shimmers and glitters. It also contains a concealer base, which can help conceal wrinkles around the eyes and enhance your overall look. Glitter has never looked better!

3. ColourPop Not a Box of Chocolates Shadow Palette

For those who want to play up nudes and browns, this gorgeous mini palette from ColourPop contains 16 brown shades ranging from caramel to espresso and includes the mattes you need for your primer as well as the shimmers and glitters you need to shine.

4. Lime Crime Venus XL 2 Eye and Face Palette

These shades range from light green to champagne to dusty rose to gold, giving you the mattes you need for your base layer. It does include metallics, but you can use these sparingly or layer them with shimmers to avoid an aged look. Sheer iridescent powders combined with soft glows in this palette give you the pigments you need to play up your normal look. 

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