The Best Probiotic Skincare Products for Women Over 40

We know you’re slathering on the vitamins and peptides, but throw in some friendly bacteria in there, too.
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Mar, 2023
Best Probiotic Skincare Products

If you haven’t considered adding probiotic skincare products to your routine yet, you could be experiencing major FOMO. Research shows probiotics in skincare may help improve the skin barrier, protect against premature aging and even improve skin conditions such as acne and eczema

As a quick recap, probiotics are beneficial bacteria that are typically consumed through your diet to support proper gut function. However, a growing body of research is connecting probiotics to overall health, including heart health, immunity, and even mental health. 

Probiotics are growing in popularity in skincare products because, as it turns out, probiotics exist on your skin too. Nourishing these probiotics in your skin’s microbiome may help protect against aging, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and breakouts.

Let’s check out some of the best probiotic skincare products available for women over 40.

Does It Matter What Form Probiotics Take?

Does It Matter What Form Probiotics Take?

YOU may be wondering if there’s a specific formula that’s better than others when it comes to the best probiotic skincare products or if probiotics are even stable in popular skincare products. 

As you may know, most probiotics need to be refrigerated, as they are living organisms and are sensitive to temperature and moisture. The label of almost any fermented product you buy will typically ask that you keep it refrigerated, including kombucha, yogurt, and miso.

However, there are certain probiotic strains that stay alive without refrigeration—think the jars of sauerkraut you see at the supermarket. Freeze-drying bacteria preserves their integrity and helpful benefits.

Some probiotics are also micro-encapsulated—meaning the particles are coated and protected from the external environment before being put into a formula—which helps keep probiotics safe from temperature and moisture, two of the biggest threats to the viability of probiotics in skincare

Using an oil-based formula can also help probiotics survive, so they arrive safely on your skin when using a skincare product. Regardless of which best probiotic skincare products you choose, be sure to follow the instructions on the label to protect the integrity of the product and ensure the probiotics stay alive so they can nourish your skin.

The Best Probiotic Skincare Products

The following are some of the best probiotic skincare products for women over 40 to target wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, fine lines and even help prevent acne. We have what you need, whether you want a moisturizer, serum, mist, or sunscreen.

LaFlore Probiotic Daily Defense Moisturizer

With aloe, Japanese mint, shea butter, and Bifida ferment lysate—a probiotic from Bifida, which is a bacteria that’s also found in your intestines to help with digestion—this daily moisturizer also contains vitamin D3 and antioxidants to reverse skin aging and support the skin barrier.

For best results, use daily in the morning on your face, neck, and chest. You can use it during the day as needed, or mix it with your makeup and press it into the skin.

Earth Harbor CLOUDBURST Balancing Gel Hydrator

For dehydrated or stressed skin, this gel hydrator uses probiotics from fermented sea kelp (nereocystis leutkneana lactobacillus) to support the skin’s microbiome and even help control oil and breakouts.

Hyaluronic acid, aloe, dandelion, wild geranium, and red seaweed also make an appearance in this formula. Designed for all skin types, you may use this gel morning and night after cleansing but before your moisturizer.

Korres Greek Yoghurt Nourishing Probiotic Gel-Cream

Best seller mediterranean superfood probiotic gel-cream with pre and probiotic rich greek yoghurt plus time released hydration to keep your skin dewy and hydrated all day.

Calms sensitive skin, improvement in skin moisture and softness after one use.

Marie Veronique Pre + Probiotic Daily Mist

This may help maintain your skin’s microbiome with this daily mist. It is made with coconut water and pre and probiotics to nourish the skin. With 34 different live probiotics and prebiotics, this mist may help reduce skin irritation and encourage a healthy skin barrier.

This is vital for mature skin. Green tea, licorice root, niacinamide, marigold, and lavender also mingle in this formula. Shake well and use after cleansing, following with a serum.

Biossance Squalene + Probiotic Gel Moisturizer

With squalene and probiotic Lactococcus ferment lysate—a lactic acid probiotic—this ultra-light and hydrating moisturizer brightens and balances skin. Red seaweed, ginger, and swiss garden cress spouts help reduce irritation and fade dark spots from hyperpigmentation.

It can help improve skin hydration, reduce redness and even minimize the appearance of pores. You can use morning and night for the best results.

Kinship Self Reflect Probiotic Moisturizing Sunscreen

If you’re looking for a probiotic sunscreen to prevent skin aging, consider this mineral sunscreen made with non-nano zinc oxide. It has an SPF of 32 and also doubles as a moisturizer. Turmeric, aloe, apple fruit extract, and raspberry seed oil also mingle in this sunscreen.

The probiotic in this formula is lactobacillus ferment, which is an antimicrobial bacteria that may help improve dry skin. Apply 15 minutes before sun exposure and reapply every two hours as needed.

Tata Harper Superkind Bio-Barrier Serum

If you struggle with both mature and reactive skin, this serum from Tata Harper helps smooth, firm, and brighten skin while reducing inflammation with calendula. Lactobacillus ferment and leuconostoc ferment filtrate are the probiotic stars in this formula.

Leuconostoc ferment filtrate is actually created from fermented radish roots and has historically been used to ferment vegetables. Ceramides, squalene, and shea butter help create a silky feel for the skin. Apply to the face and neck morning and night for best results.

Download Your Free Copy of the “No” List of Skincare Ingredients

Have YOU tried any probiotic skincare products that you love? When you’re on the prowl for the best probiotic skincare products for women over 40, be sure the products you’re considering don’t have any of the ingredients from this “no” list we’ve compiled for skincare ingredients. Download your free copy while you’re here!


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