Why You Should Know Your Skin Type and How to Find It!

Because if you don't find the perfect match, there's bound to be a break-up.
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Apr, 2023
How to find your skin type

Knowledge is power. And, when it comes to taking care of YOUR skin, learning how to find your skin type is extremely important. Knowing your skin type will definitely help you make the right decisions for a healthy glow.

Choosing the wrong products can make your skin frustratingly worse. Without knowing your skin conditions; cleansers, moisturizers, and even sunblock can lead to breakouts or dry and flaky skin—or worse, both! Having a beautiful complexion all starts with knowing what type of skin you have.

The foundation of YOUR skincare routine should be the knowledge of your skin type; all the way from the water’s temperature you use to wash your face to your moisturizer to your makeup.

Here’s why it’s essential to know your skin and how to find the type of skin you have!

Knowing What’s Your Skin Type Will Help You Choose the Right Products

If choosing a new skincare product feels like a game of chance to you; knowing your skin type will change everything.

You’ll finally be able to choose beneficial ingredients for your complexion and avoid products that exacerbate your skin concerns.

Any type of product that’s not designed for your specific kind of skin can make skin worse. For example, people with oily skin may benefit from oil-free moisturizers and cleansers for preventing oil production; whereas people with dry skin won’t. And purchasing a cleanser for oily skin when you have dry skin can make dry skin even more thirsty! 

Instead, you can make empowered decisions with ingredients that wholly support your skin’s needs for radiant results!

Say Goodbye to Wasted Time and Money On Skin Care Products

You’ve likely spent years of wasted time and money on serums, eye creams, and moisturizers that just haven’t felt right for your skin.

What’s good is you can stop spending money on products that aren’t helping your skin. Not every retinol cream or vitamin C serum was developed with your best interest in mind. And, not all ingredients are created equal. You’ve got to know what’s the skin type of yours to find the right choices for you!

For example, people with dry and sensitive skin need to be particularly selective about their products. It’s because harsh cleaning agents can lead to increased dryness and even rashes and breakouts. Remember that fragrance—even if it’s natural essential oils—can be bad news for sensitive skin. 

Save time, money, and frustration by identifying which ingredient will benefit you the most – you can do this by finding out the type of skin you have!

Defend Your Skin Against Premature Aging and Breakouts

Starting a skincare regimen to solve a problem only to find that new issues crop up is the worst! Have YOU tried to fight wrinkles with a new cream only to see that your skin reacts to it? And, then purchased a concealer to help cover the reaction? Yeah, we’ve been there!

It can lead to a carousel of ineffective products and routines; which only ends in the skin that doesn’t look any better than when you started.

When you’re considering knowing your skin type, identifying which skin you have will help you defend your body’s largest organ from premature aging, breakouts, and rashes. Dry and sensitive skin, in particular, is more at risk of being impacted by harsh ingredients. Whereas, irritation for all skin types can accelerate aging. 

For people with oily skin, certain cleansers and toners can strip your skin of its natural oils and actually increase sebum production. The sebum leaves you with more oil—the opposite of what you wanted! Protect and support YOUR skin for healthy aging and a brilliant complexion by knowing the type of your skin.

Better Protect Your Skin From the Sun

Knowing the types can also help you protect your skin from sun damage. And it’s essential to prevent premature aging and reduce your risk for skin cancer.

While some natural sun exposure is essential for vitamin D production in the body, too much can make your skin age prematurely. Even it can cause DNA damage that can influence skin cancer development. 

So how can knowing the skin conditions help you better protect your skin?

The wrong sunscreens for your skin type can aggravate the skin and damage your skin’s natural protective barrier, which could intensify aging

For example, if YOUR skin is oily, some sunscreens may have an added moisturizing effect that can clog pores, potentially leading to breakouts and sensitive skin. So, choosing an oil-free option may help. If you have dry skin, more hydrating sunscreens can be ideal for protecting skin from the sun, while having a moisturizing effect to support your skin’s natural barrier.

In the case of sensitive skin—which can be reactive when exposed to the sun in general—choosing a fragrance-free sunscreen with natural ingredients can help protect the skin. While at the same time it can minimize the exposure to chemicals that can lead to rashes and breakouts. Sunscreens free of oxybenzone and alcohol can be ideal for sensitive skin!

Here’s How to Find Your Skin Type

The easiest way to find YOUR skin type (besides taking our free quiz!) is to conduct a simple wash test and then evaluate your skin afterward.

However, this isn’t a foolproof method. You may be using a cleanser to wash the face, and that’s too rough for your skin, leading you to think your skin is of dry type. When in reality you have normal skin or combination skin. Or, you may be using a cleanser that’s too gentle, leading you to believe you have oily skin when really you have the combination type.

Notice how your skin feels after cleansing—dry skin usually feels tight, while oily skin will have a sheen to it within an hour after washing. Make sure to check out our quiz to find out if your skin type is really what you think; it is!

Also, be aware that your skin needs can change, so it’s okay to reevaluate your skin type over time!

Determine Your Skin Type Now With This Fun and Easy Quiz!

It’s possible to have the beautiful skin you’ve been missing and eliminate many of the common skincare problems you have, simply by knowing your skin type. If you’re wondering how to find the type of skin you have, take our fun and easy quiz to find out now!

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