7 Gorgeous Spring Makeup Looks to Try

Get ready for blooms and bouquets and bursts of color!
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Jun, 2023
7 Gorgeous Spring Makeup Looks to Try

It’s hard not to notice the emerging blossoms, greenery and warmth that come with spring. With this season comes a sense of rebirth and a longing to finally toss aside your sweatpants for some cute floral dresses and strappy sandals. The seven lovely spring makeup looks will help revitalized you feel this season!

With spring too comes new makeup looks to try with your lighter wardrobe. But when you want to refresh your look, what are some spring makeup trends for 2023 that can help you get started? The following seven gorgeous spring makeup looks will help you look as revived as you feel this season!

1. Natural Blush to Highlight Your Skin Tone

Natural Blush to Highlight Your Skin Tone

Blush is still very much in, but rather than go dramatic with your color, try a softer, more natural look for spring. Think pastels and shades that blend well with your skin tone and undertone, but are still noticeable enough for that cute spring look.

Of course, if you’re still feeling that dramatic blush that makes a statement, we say go for it! Since pops of color are still in, dramatic blush (sometimes called super blush or 80s blush) is definitely on-trend as a spring makeup look.

2. Shimmer and Highlighter (Did Someone Say Frost?)

Shimmer and Highlighter

Go for some subtle shimmer in your spring makeup looks. You can try shimmery eyeshadow, highlighters, blushes or even body shimmer for something extra with your pastel eyeshadow and natural blush.

The frosted look (so 2000s!) is very in for spring, so play around with some frosted eyeshadows or highlighters in spring colors—think lavender, blush pink or sky blue—to get your creative juices flowing and create that perfect look.

3. Underpainting


Underpainting is another trending makeup look that reverses the application of contour. So instead of applying foundation before your contour, you apply it after. The effect creates more of a softer look rather than a defined sculpting.

This look also allows people to have more of a minimal makeup look, since by the time the contouring is done, very little foundation may be needed. So you can save some of your foundation while creating a more fresh and natural look for spring—what’s not to love about underpainting?

4. The Smoky Eye

The Smoky Eye

You don’t need to go dark to create the smoky eye look—choose colors that go with your skin tone and undertone to create a warmer look around your eyes for spring.

You can still go dark and dramatic with smoky eyes if you want, but lighter shades and minimal makeup are more on trend for 2023 spring makeup looks.

Smoky eyes are also on-par with another spring makeup trend—the edgy or grunge makeup look that is having a major moment in beauty.

5. The Recurrence of Grunge Makeup

The Recurrence of Grunge Makeup

You don’t have to go full-out grunge to take advantage of this look, which is more edgy than grunge. The staples of this look include smudged black liner, heavy mascara, metallic eyeshadow and dark lips.

However, for spring, feel free to get creative with this look and play it up with some pastels or shimmer for an overall fresh-faced effect while still looking edgy. Think soft grunge makeup for your spring looks!

For example, you can do a dark pink lip with a smudged liner and mascara but go easy on the eyeshadow. Or you can do dramatic pastel eyes or blush and a dark lip.

6. Cue the Brown

Cue the Brown

Brown is a major makeup trend for 2023, and we’re seeing this look pop up just about everywhere in spring makeup looks. Think a 90’s brown lip paired with coppers, nudes and beige shadows, blushes and highlighters.

Remember, since a brown lip makes a statement, keep the rest of your makeup on the softer side—you can even do a minimal smoky eye and nude lip (whichever brown is closest to your natural lip shade) to bring out the best of this trending look.

7. Underlining


Underling is a hot makeup trend for 2023 that includes eyeliner but with a bit of a winged tip on the end. The eyeliner is designed to be thick and dramatic, but tastefully done. 

For this look, you’ll want to bring your eyeliner out to the bottom corner of your eye. It’s best to start with a black or dark blue liner (whichever color you are most drawn to) and then use a dark eyeshadow to create a mildly smudged look for the line.

Pair the look with mascara but keep lips on the nude side—and for an ultra-trendy look, only do the bottom or top of eyes, not both.

And to take this look a step further, play around with colors instead of black or dark blue—feel free to grab a pastel and create a gorgeous pink, green or lavender shade to grab attention this spring!

This trend also looks amazing with grunge makeup for a fresh spring look with that bit of edge.

4 Makeup Trends That Are Still in This Spring

4 Makeup Trends That Are Still in This Spring

A few makeup trends continue to grow in popularity (or remain popular from previous trends) this spring. These include:

  • The no-makeup look, which uses minimal makeup for a fresh face.
  • Coquettish makeup, which is all about big eyes, pastel blush and a beautiful soft pink lip.
  • Glitter or shimmer eyeshadow and embellishments can pair with your frosted look or on their own for a statement.

These are still in for 2023 and for spring makeup looks, so consider this your permission slip to play around with these trends and find a new favorite style!

What’s Your Favorite Spring Makeup Look?

What’s your go-to look when it comes to spring makeup, or do YOU have a trend that you’ve tried and are loving so far? Leave a comment below and let us know what your favorite look is this spring or which one you’re dying to try for a fresh look!


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