The Ideal Skincare Routine For Your Skin Type {Spring Edition}

Birds, bees, showers, flowers—when you see these in bloom, it's time to check on your skin!
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Aug, 2022
spring skin care routine

Spring is in the air! You’ve adjusted your skincare routine to accommodate cooler weather. But now, spring has made its grand entrance, and your skin is here for it. This change of seasons requires a shift to the spring skincare routine.

Thus it can help your complexion adjust in a better way to the changes that come with springtime weather.

But what should your spring skincare routine look like? We’ll take a look at exactly how spring weather can impact your skin. Also what changes YOU might consider making based on your skin type!

How Does Springtime Weather Change Skin?

A few significant changes are happening as spring gets into full swing that can affect your skin.

1. Increased Outdoor Time

Increased Outdoor Time

Thanks to the time change, you might start spending more time outdoors, which can mean more sun exposure. While this exposure isn’t necessarily harmful, it makes it even more important to keep up with your daily sunscreen wear.

2. More Workouts

More Workouts

You might be exercising more thanks to the nicer weather and longer daylight hours, and more sweat can mean more breakouts.

3. Allergy Season

Allergy Season

Allergies are a genuine concern for some people in the spring and can lead to more face touching as you wipe your eyes and nose, leading to breakouts from more bacteria on your face.

4. Higher humidity

Higher humidity

If you live in a higher humidity-containing area, climbing humidity levels can also create more sweat.

Spring is also an ideal time for spring cleaning—and yes, this includes your skincare and beauty products! It’s the perfect time for you to go through your products. And toss anything that’s expired or has been hanging around since this time of last year.

Here’s Your Spring Skincare Routine Based on Your Skin Type

Now that you’re aware of some of the changes spring can bring for your skin, here’s your spring skincare routine based on your unique skin type!

Spring Skincare For Normal Skin

acids for normal skin type

If you have normal skin, you may not have made a ton of changes to your skincare routine for the winter. Except for maybe switching to a heavier moisturizer and a richer cleanser to prevent dryness in low humidity.

Now that spring is here; you can scale back on your heavy moisturizer for your spring skincare routine and transition to a lighter one. You may also want to go back to a lighter facial cleanser. As humidity levels change, there’s not as much need for cleansing balms or creams to prevent dryness.

As spring continues, this is an excellent time to recommit to your exfoliating routine. Ideally, normal skin types should exfoliate two to three times a week (depending on your exfoliator). It’ll help you get rid of the dead skin cells and prevent clogged pores keeping your skin looking bright and fresh!

Spring Skincare Routine For Oily Skin

spring skincare for oily skin

Those with oily skin may be especially sensitive to the changes in temperature, humidity, and allergy season with spring’s arrival. It would be best to use moisturizer still, but you may need an ultra-light one to transition into summer.

Springtime is also an excellent time to consider a toner if you have oily skin, as it can help rebalance your skin’s pH, remove dead skin cells and keep pores unclogged for smooth, radiant skin.

If your skin is oily, take extra care to prevent breakouts this spring by keeping your skin clean and tossing any expired products that could trigger acne.

Spring Skincare For Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Combination skin types—which tend to have both dry and oily areas on the face—may have intensified their moisturizer for the winter months to combat dry areas.

Now that it’s spring, you need to begin to switch moisturizers for something lighter, as oily areas may become more prevalent with higher temps and humidity. You may also need to use two different moisturizers for different areas of your face.

Since combination skin types can struggle with balance, listen to your skin when adjusting your routine for spring. It’s high time for you to consider adding a toner to your routine, especially during this adjustment period, and continue to exfoliate to keep skin fresh.

YOU might be tempted to use a harsh cleanser to combat oily areas on your face as the humidity increases, but don’t. Even it can trick the skin into producing more oil, so go with something gentle yet effective.

Spring Skincare Routine For Dry Skin

spring skincare for dry skin

Dry skin types tend to suffer the most in winter, thanks to low humidity. But with spring, you can begin to scale back that heavy moisturizer for something a bit lighter. Until the hot temps set in, you can continue to use a richer cleanser to protect your skin barrier.

Although exfoliating may not be high on your priority list, continue to exfoliate at least once a week based on your exfoliant. While you can use chemical exfoliants such as Alpha hydroxy acid (AHAs) more often, you should use physical exfoliants no more than twice a week for dry skin types.

You can also consider adding a weekly face mask to keep skin moisturized and protected during this transition into spring and summer!

Spring Skincare For Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Type

Those with sensitive skin must be extra careful when swapping products for a spring skincare routine. Because the skin can be reactive to any changes or new products. Sensitive skin types can benefit from giving their skincare and beauty products a good clean out, as outdated products can trigger inflammation and breakouts!

If YOU have sensitive skin, make small changes as we ease into spring. You can start by using a lighter moisturizer and allowing your skin to adjust. Then you can swap cleansers based on your skin needs. Remember that sensitive skin types tend to do better with more natural products. So always check the label to ensure you’re getting a genuinely natural and quality product.

Like all skin types, sensitive skin benefits from daily SPF use, but more so since sensitive skin can be so reactive!

Don’t Know Your Skin Type Yet?

If YOU still don’t know about your skin type, find out now with this quick quiz! Knowing your skin type can help you establish the spring skincare routine that works best for you. Cheers to glowing skin this spring!


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