Are You Washing Your Face Properly?

Follow this step-by-step guide and have radiant and healthy skin!
BY Chella Caguin
| Last updated Nov, 2021
Steps to wash your face

One of the most vital steps in caring for your skin is knowing how to wash your face correctly. Some may not understand, but cleaning the face is the foundation of a good skincare routine. Washing your face seems just like a simple task that you can do quickly. The question is, are you even doing it right?

Proper washing of your face is more than just splashing water and rubbing skincare products on your face. To accomplish anything properly, it needs effort and dedication. Learning the best technique and steps to wash your face for maintaining bright and healthy skin is sure worth it. 

Why Should You Wash Your Face?

Proper washing of your face is something you should do every single day of your life.

Within your skin, there are tiny glands that produce sebum or more commonly known as oil. It keeps the skin protected from the elements present both inside and outside the skin. When excess dirt, dead skin cells, and bacteria build up on the skin surface, it clogs and blocks the face’s pores. Hence, all the gunk is trapped inside the follicles.

A lack of sebum on the skin’s surface would lead to the penetration of bacteria that may cause the formation of acne.

Proper washing of your face helps clear and unclog the debris present in the pores. It also lessens the tendency of build-up formation, permitting the sebum to reach the skin surface without any impedance. This will decrease the chances of having skin breakouts, leaving the skin healthier and more radiant.

If you do not wash your face twice a day, the layer of dirt could accumulate. Whatever skincare product you apply on your face may not work because it will not penetrate the skin properly due to the dirt present. Improper washing of the face could also cause skin dehydration, making the skin appear rough, older, and wrinkled.

Steps On How to Properly Wash Your Face

Step 1: Pick a cleanser depending on your preference, skin type, and sensitivity.

The majority of skincare products are anchored on the skin type it targets. This may include standard, dry, combination, or oily skin types. Individuals with sensitive skin should opt for mild and gentle cleansers.

Step 2: Check on the facial wash or cleanser regarding its direction for use.

Most cleansers indicate the use of slightly warm water, but some also work better with cooler temperatures.

Step 3: Wet your face using water.

Splash the water using your hands to ensure the whole face is wet. This would help the product slide and blend easier across the skin during the process.

Step 4: Apply the product of your choice.

The amount you should use significantly depends on your product’s instructions, so read the label and follow the directions. For the product to work efficiently, you should apply and spread it following a circular motion. Make sure to cover all the areas and keep massaging the face for approximately 60 to 90 seconds. Ensure that the jaw and neck area are also washed thoroughly.

Step 5: Gently exfoliate your skin to remove the dead skin cells and dirt present.

You can use a facial scrub or a simple washcloth to unclog the pores through a circular motion. Focus on the areas where sebum production becomes increased. Avoid scrubbing the skin too much, and do not overdo the exfoliation.

Step 6: Rinse your face using water and pat it gently.

Ensure that all traces of the gentle cleanser are removed with water. Gently pat your dry skin with a soft towel. Avoid rubbing your face to prevent wrinkle formation and skin irritation.

Importance of Knowing How to Wash Your Face Properly

Merely applying water and facial wash to your skin is not enough to wash your face appropriately. There is so much more to cleansing your face to maintain skin health. However, learning why it is essential to wash your face is also vital in proper skin health.

Washing your face on a regular basis is vital to keep your skin radiant, young, and healthy-looking. As the face is one of the most exposed parts of humans, it comes across several elements. This includes exposure to environmental pollutants, dirt, bacteria, and other harmful components.

Proper cleansing of the face helps remove all the impurities embedded within the skin, leaving it fresh and radiant. Aside from this, good washing and cleansing also keep the face hydrated and protected.

Lastly, it also manages the skin’s pH, allowing it to retain moisture and water.

Cleansing Mistakes Not to Make

Each individual has their skincare routine and ways to cleanse their face. It is highly individualized and may depend on one’s preference and skin type. However, you should avoid certain practices if you want to cleanse your face properly.

Here are the following:

1. Don’t Use Regular Or General Bar Soaps Not Intended For The Face.

Thousands of bar soaps are available in the market, but you should not use all of them to clean the face. Unless they are formulated specifically for facial use, you must avoid them. These soaps may throw off the balance of pH in the skin. Once the pH is altered, it can create an environment suitable for yeast and bacteria growth.

You should use facial cleansers instead of regular bar soaps because they are specially made for the delicate skin of the face.

2. Don’t Over-exfoliate Your Face When Washing.

Scrubbing your face when cleansing could damage the skin’s natural protective barrier. This will leave the skin more sensitive and prone to harmful damages. The use of skincare products with ingredients such as glycolic acid, salicylic acid, and lactic acid could help you exfoliate your skin without having to scrub your skin forcefully.

Another best way to cleanse your skin is through the use of your fingertips. Rub the cleanser on your face for two minutes as your fingertips move in an upper circular motion. This will help unclog your pores, clear up the gunk present within the skin, and leave your skin radiant and healthy.

3. Don’t Stop Washing At Your Chin Level.

Another mistake people commonly make is washing their face up to their chin level only. The jaws and the neck are significant parts of the face that you should clean thoroughly. These areas are prone to collect dirt, and with debris build-up, it is more likely for skin conditions to develop.

Gently rub these areas in an upward motion with your facial cleanser and rinse them thoroughly. Once done, gently pat dry to avoid the formation of wrinkles and sagging skin.

4. Don’t Ditch Your Moisturizer!

Cleansing does not only equate to washing your face. It is also supplemented by toning and moisturizing and other steps that contribute to taking care of your skin. After cleansing, your skin may feel a little more exposed and sensitive. Peeling and cracking are not uncommon when cleansing.

The role of moisturizers is to keep your skin hydrated and prevent your skin from drying. The moisturizer adds more protection after adequately washing your face to keep your skin healthy and radiant.

Extra Tips on How to Properly Wash Your Face

1. Wash Your Face In The Morning And The Evening.

In the morning, rushing to prepare for work or dropping off the kids at school is a common scenario. Some people may even skip washing their faces and only rely on water for cleansing. You should not skip washing the face in the morning because it accumulates sebum throughout the whole period of sleep. Acne formation is a possible consequence if you neglect morning washing.

On the other hand, you should wash your face every night because it is vital to use makeup remover and remove dirt, sebum, and bacteria that accumulate throughout the day. Skipping this could lead to further accumulation of dirt within your face and eventually lead to skin conditions.

2. Double-cleanse With Micellar Water Before Washing Your Face.

Micellar water is composed of micelle molecules that easily attach to the makeup and dirt present in the face. It is best to use micellar water before cleansing the face because this ensures thorough removal of the elements present on the skin.

When used before washing your entire face, the dirt and sebum are already pulled out even before the washing part. Hence, this combination makes the skin cleaner and free from impurities.

3. Use Lukewarm Water When Washing Your Face.

The myth that tells us that pores can close or open depending on the water’s temperature has already been debunked by experts. The truth is extreme water temperatures could cause more damage than good, so it is best to stay in the middle ground.

It also prevents from causing untoward skin reactions when put on the face. Irritation and skin dryness are less likely to happen with lukewarm water. Aside from this, it also ensures that our cleansers get a good amount of foaming action that helps remove the dirt from the skin’s surface.

4. Pick The Right Facial Cleanser For You And Your Skin Type.

The right face cleanser highly differs from one person to another. The product your sister is using may not be suitable for you, no matter how hard she vouches for it. Skincare products depend on your skin type, and it is best to do some research before using certain products to ensure they match your needs.

Foaming cleansers are more suitable for individuals with oily skin. On the other hand, individuals with dry skin could benefit from non-foaming and hydrating facial cleansers.

5. Use The Recommended Amount Of The Product.

When using skincare products for facial cleansing, follow the suggested amount in the instructions. Even if you are religiously sure of the product, it may not show the desired effects when you don’t use it as instructed. Always read the label of each product that you will place on your skin.

Final Thoughts

Proper washing of the face does not necessarily need to be a 10-step skincare routine every single day and night. You can divide regimens into smaller routines, and you can do that daily, weekly, and monthly.

Taking care of your skin and washing it properly should be something that you enjoy – something that would make you feel better after religiously doing it. It should also be something that helps you develop your confidence and self-esteem.

Through the simple steps to wash your face written in this article, you can finally have your way towards healthy and radiant skin. Are you properly washing your face? Let us know in the comments below!

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