The Top 7 2022 Skincare Trends You Need to Know About

Why should you, an independent rebel, need to care about trends? Because some can seriously upgrade your complexion.
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Feb, 2023
skincare trends 2022

The year 2022 is rapidly approaching, and with a new year comes new skincare trends! As skincare consumers and enthusiasts move towards cleaner, more targeted treatments to protect and nourish skin, skincare continues to evolve. The following skincare trends 2022 may surprise you or some you may have heard about already! Check out these top seven trends.

1. Skin Minimalism

Skin minimalism, or “skinimalism” is one of the biggest skincare trends in 2022. That inspires people to get rid of products they don’t use or benefit from (including, ahem, those that are expired). Skinimalism focuses on effective products instead of those you may use just because you heard they might be good for your skin.

However, skinimalism goes beyond getting rid of products or focusing on the basics. It encourages natural beauty, flaws, and all, without makeup or minimal makeup. Skinimalism also emphasizes multi-tasking products rather than single-tasking products.

The underlying message of skinimalism is to celebrate your unique complexion and to have healthy skin rather than just younger-looking skin. To get on board with the skinimalism trend, focus on products that you know work for you. Otherwise, you also look for products that can do several jobs at once, such as exfoliate and moisturizer.

2. CBD Skincare Products

Cannabidiol (CBD) has made quite an entrance as an ingredient in skincare in 2021. And it is likely to continue to be among the growing skincare trends in 2022.

Although famous for a range of health issues such as anxiety and epilepsy, this phytocannabinoid, a cousin of THC that doesn’t get you high, also has proven anti-inflammatory effects on skin and skin disorders.  

You can expect to find CBD in more skincare products in 2022, including moisturizers, facial oils, serums, eye creams, and even masks. Since CBD is becoming more common in skincare products, checking for high-quality CBD can ensure you’re getting a product that works well.

3. Probiotics in Skincare

Probiotics are healthy bacteria that don’t just exist in our guts. Your skin has its microbiome as well.

In fact, the skin’s microbiome helps protect your skin against harmful bacteria, inflammation, and even premature aging. Research shows that consuming probiotics and using them on the skin may help skin damaged from the sun, dermatitis, acne, and even eczema

Using probiotics topically may also help the skin stay moisturized to support natural anti-aging by naturally increasing the skin’s ceramide, or fat, content, which can help support a youthful glow. 

Probiotics are bacteria that can include many different strains, including some from dairy. Verify the ingredients in your skincare product if you are acne-prone, allergic to dairy, or avoiding dairy for ethical or health reasons. 

4. Sustainable Skincare

It’s no secret that our universe is in somewhat of a crisis. As well as we can all help lessen the burden on Mother Nature with sustainable skincare ingredients and product packaging. 

Many skincare products are packaged in plastics and may not be recyclable. Skincare enthusiasts are increasingly looking for recycled packaging that you can recycle at the end of its life. Even they are also looking for biodegradable packaging for a more sustainable future skincare.

Besides its packaging, sustainable skincare doesn’t mean forgoing effective ingredients. Sustainable products often have more effective ingredients that deliver results without putting unnecessary or even harmful ingredients in products.

Sustainable companies should be transparent about their ingredient sourcing and how their botanical sourcing contributes to a more sustainable skincare future.

5. Blue Light Protection

As our reliance on devices increases daily, blue light pollution can cause skin aging. Although blue light is present in the natural spectrum of light, including sunlight, exposure to devices every day can add up to extra skin damage.

In 2022, expect there to be more of a focus on blue light protection in your skincare products. Sunscreen, retinol, and plant-based retinol alternatives, and antioxidants can help repair skin damage from blue light and protect against future damage. 

Getting on board with the blue light protection trend? Start by ensuring your devices have blue light filters installed to help reduce skin damage from overexposure to blue light. Then you can choose the right skincare products, including sunscreen, to help repair existing damage and fight future damage.

6. Products and Practices Focused on Restoring the Skin Barrier

Your skin barrier, also called the epidermal barrier, is the top layer of your skin. Your skin barrier has a big job to do. It protects skin against light, bacteria, dryness, and low humidity damage. However, the skin barrier has been ignored and even compromised in the past due to harsh skincare products.

People realize how important their skin barrier is to preventing premature aging and having a healthy glow in 2022. Gentler products with more natural ingredients may help support a healthy skin barrier. So milder cleansers, toners, and exfoliants will likely be available on the market.

Harsh products, hot water, sun, stress, and weather changes can easily affect the skin barrier. Giving your skin barrier some TLC regularly is essential to having a healthy complexion, making this a vital skincare trend that we hope will last!

7. In-Office Skincare Treatments 

Since the focus in 2020 and 2021 has been on at-home skincare, expect to see more in-office skincare treatments in 2022. These include lasers for skincare, microdermabrasion, and chemical peels.

We expect a resurgence of in-office treatments done by skincare professionals, despite the availability of at-home tools. Which, we agree, is safer and more effective for most skincare enthusiasts anyway!

Have You Tried Any of These Skincare Trends Yet?

Have you heard about any of these skincare trends 2022, or have YOU tried any of them yet? Let us know in the comments below which ones you are most excited about for the upcoming year!

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