What’s My Skin Type? The 5 Different Skin Types, Explained

Unlike your BFF, your skin will never say "I don't have a type".
BY Sarah Lim
| Last updated Mar, 2023
What’s My Skin Type

If you’re wondering ‘what’s my skin type?’, then this article is for you! Your skin is one-of-a-kind and multifaceted, just like YOU. And learning what your unique skin type is—and how it reacts to various factors—is key. Why? Your skin type is a fundamental piece of information that will help you achieve your most filter-unnecessary skin possible. Consider it your guiding light for a bright, beautiful complexion!

First, What Affects Your Skin Type?

Before we jump into the five different skin types, it’s essential to know what affects your skin’s health and appearance.

Just like life, there are things you can and can’t control about your skin. Genetics is one thing you can’t change. Yet, they play a significant role in your skin’s behavior because they determine how much sebum—your skin’s natural oil—that skin produces. 

However, you have some control over environmental factors such as stress, hormones, and exposure to toxins, all of which can affect your skin type. Even where you live can influence the dryness of your skin, breakouts, and wrinkles. While colder climates tend to cause dryer skin, hot, humid weather can lead to more sweat and acne.

Other things that influence what type of skin you have include:

  • Sunlight, which can damage skin cells to cause premature aging and dryness.
  • Water intake, which can affect your skin type but won’t dramatically change it.
  • Washing your skin too frequently, especially with hot water.
  • Your diet—fruits and vegetables contain antioxidants, which are helpful agents for reversing skin damage.

One of the positive things about your environment is that you do have some control over it—think getting enough sleep and exercise, two things that can encourage healthy skin!

What’s Your Skin Type? – The 5 Type Of Skin

So when you are asking yourself, “What type of skin do I have?” see if you fit into one of the following five types!

1. Normal Skin

Normal Skin

If you have what’s considered “normal” skin, you don’t have a problem with your skin being too dry or too oily. You’ll have a bright, even complexion without trying too hard.

Sure, you’ll have days where you have mysterious breakouts (hello, summer!) and others where dryness seems to take over (hello, winter!), but they aren’t your norm.

Normal skin types have even-toned skin naturally. If this is you, you won’t need much help to keep your skin balanced or hydrated, so there’s no need for harsh face washes or intensive moisturizing creams. Even after a long day, a normal skin type still has skin that looks fresh and cared-for without much effort.

2. Dry Skin

Dry Skin

People who live with dry skin tend to have smaller pores, but they’re more prone to premature wrinkles and skin irritation, which makes caring for skin an extra important factor. 

Dry skin causes a dull complexion and may even coexist with sensitive skin, rough patches, and flakiness. If you have dry skin, your skin likely feels tight, especially after washing, and you may notice you’re sensitive to many conventional skincare products, leading you to get frustrated and confused about what your precious skin needs.

Moisturizer is going to be your savior if you have dry skin! Stay away from products full of chemicals that can make dry skin worse, and avoid washing your face with hot water.

3. Oily Skin

Oily Skin

Oily skin is a class all its own. People with oily skin don’t age as much as those with other skin types, but excessive oil production can lead skin to have a greasy appearance, acne, and large pores, so there’s a definite trade-off here.

People with oily skin are all too familiar with shiny skin, annoying breakouts, and oily hair. Unlike dry skin types, heavy hydration products are not going to benefit you. You should still use a light moisturizer and be wary of soapy cleansers. They can dry out your skin and trick it into producing more oil!

In case you have oily skin, you may even have trouble applying makeup. If you wear makeup, always remove it before going to sleep or working out. And clean your makeup brushes often, as dirty brushes can trigger acne!

4. Combination Skin

Combination Skin

Combination skin is the most common skin type, and it presents as different skin types on different areas of your face. You’ll notice your skin gets dry or normal at some portions, and oily in others. Your T-zone—forehead, nose, and chinis most commonly oily while other parts of your face are dry.

Some people considering “what’s my skin type?” think they have oily skin when really oil is only a problem on specific areas of their face, meaning they really have combination skin. Unless your entire face is oily, you’re most likely a combination skin type.

People with combination skin may need to consider a few different products to care for their complexion properly. With this skin type, it’s essential to be aware of how your skin changes with environmental factors such as stress and the seasons and adjust your skincare routine accordingly.

5. Sensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin Type

This is the most delicate skin type that requires the most diligence to care for. Sensitive skin reacts quickly to the weather and skincare products and may even be prone to eczema and rosacea

If YOUR skin is of sensitive type, your skin may have red splotches, break out often, be prone to rashes and swell, itch or flake. Unfortunately, conventional skincare products usually aren’t made with sensitive skin types in mind. Harsh or synthetic ingredients—such as artificial fragrances and preservatives—can trigger sensitive skin flare-ups.

If you have sensitive skin, always be gentle when exfoliating and avoid extreme temperatures when washing your skin. As sensitive skin can be a sign of an underlying health condition, always follow up with your doctor or dermatologist regarding any concerns you have!

Some research suggests that sensitive skin is on the rise due to climate change, air pollution, and chemicals in cosmetics. 

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